Ancient Remedy Relieves Muscle Pain of Rich and Famous

Gwyneth's bizarre bruises

Have you seen the mysterious marks?

The paparazzi have, and their photographs of Hollywood celebrities with unusual round marks on their backs have been splashed across the tabloids.

What are those marks and why are they there?

Those marks are from Puhang. Puhang is the Korean word for cupping treatment.

Because of its popularity in Hollywood, many people think it is only a recent trend, but Puhang has actually been practiced all over the world for over 2,500 years. Hippocrates did Puhang. Napoleon took care of his stomach cancer with Puhang. Puhang was used in many countries for bites by poisonous snakes and insects. Cups have been made from a range of materials, from glass to bamboo- even cow horns!

Puhang treatment is effective for things such asthma, headaches, muscle pains, hemorrhoids, and even obesity.

I know the power of Puhang first-hand. It healed my life-long back problems. My whole life I have had back pain caused by a curvature in my spine. When I bought my first Puhang set, I brought it home and asked my mother to try it on me. She did, and miraculously the back problem that I had for 25 years was healed - after just one try. I felt a shift in my spine's alignment and instant relief. In just 5 minutes!

Of course I was ecstatic with these results, but when I saw my mother's eyes shining with tears of great relief because my back was finally better, I realized that the effects of this treatment were far-reaching.

The thing is, it's not just effective, it's simple to do, too. If my mother can do it, so can you!

How Puhang Heals

After that first session, my back felt warm and tingly and I knew changes were happening in my body. I know I can't guarantee that Puhang will fix your back problems too, but there are two things I can guarantee that Puhang will do for you:

  • Improve blood circulation.

  • Relieve muscle tension.

Red-round marks

I'm sure you're aware of all the negative effects of poor blood circulation. Some people even say it causes cancer. So, improving your blood circulation is really important for good health. And of course, relief from muscle tension is very important too, right? In my case, the rea-son my back was curved was not because it was in a strange shape from the very beginning - it was more about muscle tension than anything else. And this is what was causing the pain. Most back problems are in fact caused by muscle tension.

Have you ever been told by a chiropractor that you pelvis is out of alignment? And that you have to be treated immediately? The fact is that it is not the pelvis that is skewed, but the surrounding muscle that is too tight and is pulling on your bones in an uneven way. One side of your muscle is pulling on the bone, and the muscle is getting much smaller and tighter. In my case, by using Puhang to repair this unbalance, my back regained its natural shape.

I investigated and tried many different alternative therapies to correct my condition. I did yoga. I even became a certified acupuncturist. But despite all this, my back's condition never improved, and before I knew it, I was 35 years old and still in pain. But the good news is that now I'm 42 and my back has lengthened by 3 centimeters! How did this happen? Well, Puhang!

The Power of those Mysterious Marks

After using Puhang, a red, round mark will be left on the skin. When you first see that, you may be a little shocked, but in fact it is a good sign! This red mark is different for each per-son. There are people for whom no mark appears, there are some people who have only a light color, and there are others who have bright red colored marks, even purple. Even on the same person, the color often changes depending on the area of the body.

Why does this happen? Basically the color is determined by the body's condition - and the condition of the internal organs. So, for example, with someone with a bad liver, the blood vessels around the liver are struggling to do their job, and are in fact quite weak. In Puhang set there is a extention hose But if you improve the condition of the blood vessels, then the blood circulation also improves and thus the liver condition gets better.

Many people think the marks have a strange, almost alien look to them. Other people don't mind them. Some even love them! But many do ask about those marks.

First of all, good news: the marks do not hurt! You will have no pain from them. Each mark is actually a form of internal bleeding. Normal internal bleeding usually causes bruises, for example, when you fall over or bump some part of your body, the blood vessels are damaged and this results in internal bleeding. This kind of internal bleeding can even hurt healthy tissue- which is why those bruises hurt. Internal bleeding caused by Puhang, however, does not damage healthy tissue.

For example, if you use Puhang on a young child, you won't see red round marks. Puhang does not damage healthy and elastic blood vessels, both typical of children. So why do adults get marks? Because the general condition of adult blood vessels is weak, and not particularly healthy. These blood vessels can't stand up to Puhang's suction, so they bleed, creating the red round marks. The bleeding only happens when blood vessels are weak.

When a red mark is left on the body, the body senses the mark as an injury and starts to treat it. The body's natural healing powers are activated. This only occurs in unhealthy areas of the body, and after the body treats itself, those areas are renewed. The blood vessels under those areas, which were worn out, become renewed as well. The more you do Puhang, the more renewed and elastic your blood vessels will become! As you continue using Puhang, the marks will become lighter and lighter.

Whatever color mark you get, the natural healing power of the body will be activated, which means that the body starts to function to cure the area. And no matter how dark or pale, all marks disappear.

Unlike other alignment and muscle pain remedies, Puhang is not addictive. You do not have to do it for the rest of your life. Some people worry about that. Rest assured, if you use Puhang consistently for about 3 months, your weak blood vessels will be restored and you can stop doing Puhang every day. Instead, use it only when your muscles feel tight or you feel tired.

Puhang's Anti-aging Power

Puhang promotes the skin's respiration by sucking bad gas from the body. Poor circulation is really just a lack of oxygen in the cells from inefficient respiration of the skin. Puhang treats this by reactivating cells and thus improving respiration.

And now new technology has helped us add to Puhang's powerful benefits. We are happy to announce a brand new Puhang set that also promotes anti-aging. This set contains Monocyte stone, known for generating negative ions and its anti-aging powers.

And in addition-even more good news-this special Monocyte plate also neutralizes the air inside each cup-making it like fresh air in the woods. A breeze in a forest! Coming right from your body. Talk about refreshing.

I already mentioned that how doing Puhang everyday will renew weakened blood vessels. Can you imagine the amazing change is in your body and skin? Think about it! Young elastic blood vessels again. And the great benefits for your skin: no wrinkles, no bags under your eyes. You'll feel like silk! place the cup wherever you want to heal!

At first, Puhan only takes a few minutes of your time every day. You can do it in the morning, at night, even while watching TV in the evening. No matter when you do it, the results are the same: Puhang improves your blood circulation. It's easy. Everyone can do it.
Off course you can do it!
It's been proven as a successful home remedy method for over 2,500 years.
So, why don't you buy a Puhang set and change your life ever?

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